Online Security

The Miners State Bank will never ask you for your password or account information in an email.

Be sure to update your passwords regularly and always use complex passwords that are hard to guess.

Mobile Banking has multiple layers of authentication to help prevent the wrong people from getting your info.

Security.  If you believe that your login information (user ID and PIN number) has become known to any unauthorized person, notify the Miners State Bank immediately by calling 1-877-906-5131, so your login information can be deactivated.  Do not report possible security problems by e-mail.  Never include your login information or account information in any e-mail. 

Changes In Security Procedures.  If Customer believes that any password or voice retrieval code has become known to any unauthorized person, the Customer shall notify Bank immediately.  Bank will use reasonable efforts to terminate any passwords as soon as reasonable possible. 

Security Procedures.  Transaction Requests or Cancellations will be verified as being issued by Customer using one of the following security procedures. 

  • MSBOnline
    Bank will provide Customer with one or more passwords and usernames or user specific codes for accessing the online banking systems (collectively “MSB Online”) to initiate and authorize Transaction Requests and Cancellations and to access information about its accounts, all as further described below.  Customer shall use the procedures as specified in the internet site or Users Guide, or other instructional materials provided to Customer, as in effect from time to time.
  • Bill Payment
    If selected on Customer’s Application(s), Customer may use “MSB Online” to initiate bill payment transactions.  Bill payment transactions are effected using both electronic and paper based payment systems, are not subject to a call back procedure or a Maximum Authorized Amount for any Business Day.  Customer further acknowledges that the Bank may debit customer’s Authorized Account to complete bill payment without customer’s signature.  At all times Customer shall remain solely responsible for scheduling bill payments in a timely manner and shall be responsible for late payment or finance charges that may be imposes as a result of customer’s failure to do so. 

Customer agrees to maintain the confidentiality of any passwords, usernames or user-specific codes issued in connection with this Agreement in order to prevent unauthorized access to accounts.  In the event Customer discloses any of this information to another person that person will be deemed to be an Authorized Person under this Agreement and any transactions made will be deemed to be authorized transactions under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.  Customers using MSBOnline, shall also maintain, update and upgrade their Internet browser software on a regular basis as such updates and upgrades may become available from time to time.  Bank will maintain reasonable security and control over any identification code, username, voice retrieval code or password assigned by Bank to Customer.