Open an Account

To open a deposit account come in to any of our branches and speak with a Customer Service Representative or Branch Manager.


If opening a personal account make sure you bring the following information with you:

  • Copy of Valid ID (State or Driver's License)
  • Social Security Number
  • Physical and Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number (Home, Work, Cell)
  • Name and City/State of Employer & Occupation (if retired, the information for where you DID work)

In some cases, we may need additional information to positively verify ID or address.


If opening a non-personal or business account we will collect the following information if applicable:

  • State Licensing Paperwork (in MI, it’s called LARA)
  • Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Organization
  • Assumed Name Certificate (DBA)
  • Copy of Minutes where signers are accepted
  • Documentation of EIN/TIN
  • Letter of Authorization to Open Account (from an officer or existing signer)
  • Names and Titles of Authorized Signers, Members, and Officers

Make the switch to The Miners State Bank

in 4 steps!

1. Open your MSB Account

Stop in to one of our locations and we will happily help open your new The Miners State Bank account. Be sure to download the MyMSB app in the App Store or Google Play store to have banking at your fingertips. 

2. Set up direct deposit

Fill out the direct deposit form and provide the form to your payroll contact. Ask your employer if there is an option to do this online. 

3. Transfer your automatic payments

Switch any automatic payments so they will come out of your new The Miners State Bank account. Provide a completed form to each payee or biller.

4. Close your old account

Fill out the Account Closing letter to request your previous financial institution they close your account(s). Make sure prior to closing your accounts, all of your checks and debits have cleared before you close your old account. 

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Online account opening coming soon!